Canon, Lore, and meandering yarns await.

Over the last few years we have created a multi-branch narrative throughout the cards of season one and into pre production of seasons 2 and 3.

Previous Articles will be returning as well as new posts telling more tales from the dimensions of Earth Tau!

Why Earth Tau™?

Earth Tau is an ever evolving playground of in house systems, real world data, and creativity; all curated to develop great stories, new ideas, and new ways to deliver that content. We are also gamers, and felt something was missing in the market.

That said: we want to manufacture joy. Saturday morning cartoons with your favorite breakfast cereal type joy. We believe we have done that with the Earth Tau™ Card-Board Game™.

We have many fond memories from all of the creativity, humor, and passion experienced through the work of every creative before us. We want to be a part of carrying that inspiration forward.


Alex Mensen and Jerrod Jackson
Earth Tau™, New Quest Entertainment™
Alex Mensen Co-Owner/Project Manager

Alex Mensen

The Game Designer, Project Manager, originator of the entire project. Always ready with a solution and one of the hardest working, passionate and creative people you could meet.

Jerrod Jackson Co-Owner/Creative Director

Jerrod Jackson

He draws stuff, and uses whatever program can accomplish the task. Its late, more to come.