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Our first two completed projects are now available through Gamecrafter.

Two Skirmish VS packs provide a great introduction for two player exploration of the game of Earth Tau™ Skirmish. These packs also provide cards to combine and create your own Earth Tau™ War deck.

Professor Paranormal VS Rock Salt is our recommended beginner set. Both Leaders provide a simple to follow, (and to experienced card game players), familiar approaches to Leader strategies within the Earth Tau™ CBG™.

Archfiend VS Smash N' Grab is a mixture of in your face round after round smash mouth gameplay, with the randomness of a Leader that finds new opportunities in every round. Archfiend is often refereed to as a drunken master style approach to gameplay and strategy. Adaption, as well as the ability to manipulate multiple ability triggers in a round. Archfiend has a playstyle that is equally challenging to explain, master, and play against; as it is gratifying to master and conquer against.